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The Courage to Make Millions

The key to going from 6 to 7 figures is NOT what the online gurus want you to believe.

It’s not a fancy funnel.
It’s not the latest social media trend.
It’s not creating YET ANOTHER offer.
It's not slapping on the highest price point.

Most of what you've been told by the gurus about what it takes to go from 6 figures to 7 figures.... IS NOT TRUE.

And it's keeping you stuck.  Right. Where. You. Are.

Shameca Tankerson


Shameca Tankerson is a trailblazer and phenom in the field of business revenue acceleration and is on a mission to empower entrepreneurial giants to experience massive wealth fast and become self-made millionaires that build dynasties and enduring generational wealth.

Celebrated as one of the world’s most trusted leaders and advisors, her clients create six and seven figure months even in the most challenging economies. She is an award-winning business strategist, international speaker, bestselling author, and CEO of Shameca International - Shameca is a bada$$ at helping women own their worth, claim their confidence, become high performing power players who create massive wealth with no apologies. She has been featured on major media like Forbes, CNN, Wall Street Journal and more.

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Date & Time

February 1, 2023

11:30 AM 1:30 PM US/Pacific

Los Robles Greens

299 S. Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks , CA 91361
United States
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