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The Secret to Becoming a Resilient Business Woman

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What You Will Learn:
  • What gets in the way of resilience and how to overcome obstacles
  • Three Bounce Forward™ Strategies to Success
  • Charmaine’s Seven Secrets to Resilience (and Success)
  • A template to develop your Personal & Business Resilience Plan
This is the best time ever to bounce forward™ through business and life challenges, resilience can be a key to your success.
Charmaine Hammond
Charmaine is an expert in resilience. Her first career was in the correctional system, and she learned early that safety and success resulted from personal resilience! A successful business owner, international professional speaker and expert in resilience and goal setting processes, Charmaine will help you bounce forward into resilience. She is an author, facilitator and transformational speaker. Her new book” On Toby’s Terms” is now in bookstores everywhere, and has just been signed to be a motion picture. She is co-author of “GPS Your Best Life”, a contributing author to the Best Selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, and a successful business owner for the past 14 years.