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Ignite Your Couple Power!

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What You Will Learn:
  • Achieve more bliss and less blister.
  • Bring your work skills home and your personal skills to the office.
  • Maximize your skills to get on the same page.
  • Understand the importance of realizing that you’re sleeping with your most important client!
  • Gender: We’re different; get over it! Learn the secrets to talking with men and how to celebrate the differences.
  • Be honest, even if you have to lie. Learn how to be honest while still using your common sense filter.
Do you work with your spouse? Would you like to? Did you know that 78% of new jobs were created by family-run businesses; 35% all Fortune 500 companies are family-run; and 60% of the 7,194 publicly-traded companies in the U.S. are controlled by families? It is truly amazing when you consider how many families work together. Or is it? Gene and Julie have worked together successfully for 14 years hosting a morning radio show. Learn their secrets for loving the experience of working with your spouse while earning more money.
Gene and Julie Gates
Oscar Nominated Hosts and Executive Producers of the “Best Morning Show in the Country”, The Gene & Julie Morning Show; Relationship Experts Dynamic duo Gene & Julie Gates spend 24 hours a day together— they’re married and they work together. For the past 14 years they have slept in the same bed, commuted in the same car, and worked in the same office. To this date they haven’t killed each other (even though they’ve wanted to at times). Gene & Julie host a successful radio show.