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How To Run A Business With Your Spouse And STAY Married!

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What You Will Learn:
  • In It To Win It: 4 ways to keep the fire going in your commitment as a couple
  • Divide And Conquer - Listing duties of running a business and then assigning them or 6 things to delegate to someone other than your spouse
  • 5 Tips to better filter communication with your spouse
  • Tips for managing both hats - the co-worker and the spouse
  • What about the Kids? - 5 Things you can do to get them involved.
Do you know what it takes to be successful when you are married to your business partner? As you can imagine, there are many obstacles involved in running a business and they can intertwine with personal issues when you are married to the one you work with all day long! Danelle will cover topics that include why you want to team up to run a business, assigning business roles, how to deal with unfiltered crabbiness when dealing with a spouse and kids, as well as the all important intimacy issues!
Danelle Brown

Danelle Brown is the founder and president of Queen Bee Consulting and a certified Book Yourself Solid business coach. She specializes in showing family and couple-owned businesses how to get more clients than they can handle! Brown is known for turning ordinary businesses into extraordinary ones. Along with her husband, she is also the owner and marketing director for MB Tech, Inc., in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Using technology and her innate creativity to reach her various audiences through non-traditional means, Brown runs several websites and blogs devoted to business topics. Brown’s specialties include social media, business coaching, marketing, and accountability programs. She recently released her first book, Soulmate Proprietors: How To Run A Business With Your Spouse and STAY Married!