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What You Will Learn:
  • Gain useful tips on of what it takes to improve your credit score and financial standing. Solve debt and credit problems associated with marriage, divorce, collections, borrowing, co-signing as well as overcoming foreclosures, short sales, and bankruptcies.
  • How to re-establish your credit and understand what lenders are looking for.
  • Tricks of credit card companies and how to set up a system to monitor accounts, track payments, comparatively shop for credit cards, avoid credit chasing, and maintain overall capacity.
No one in North America understands the CREDIT industry better then Rodney Anderson, author of the ground breaking new book Credit 911. Rodney Anderson is dedicated to helping women re-claim their credit power so they can thrive personally and professionally. He’ll explain how to navigate financially through marriage, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, dealing with collection agencies, the dangers and pitfalls of online shopping, protecting your identity, and most of all how to up your credit score and re-claim your credit power! Whether you have good, bad or horrible credit, this substance rich session with Rodney Anderson will be the best 60 minute investment in protecting, managing and building your credit you have ever experienced.
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Anderson is a recognized expert, consumer advocate, author, and active member of YPO International. His broad knowledge and expertise extends to all aspects of financial well being, as well as the adversity that many consumers face. In addition to appearing regularly on national and local television programs, Rodney is also the author of the book Credit 911: Secrets and Strategies for Saving Your Financial Life. Rodney is the country’s #1 producer of FHA / VA loans, and the second highest originator of overall mortgage loans in the U.S. Rodney’s expertise stems from 25 years experience and has personally reviewed over 100,000 credit reports, and evaluated the personal finances of countless individuals. Rodney’s knowledge spans economic trends, consumer credit, credit capacity, all types of mortgages, housing markets, economic indicator, as well as the impact of real-life issues such as spending habits, marriage, divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure on individual finances.