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Cultivating Rewarding Relationships

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What You Will Learn:
  • Success secrets of a professional connector who networks and makes introductions and referrals for a living.
  • What Working & Connecting at a Higher Level™ means for you and your business.
  • Tips and attitudes critical to your networking and business development efforts.
  • Ways to become more intentional, focused, and thoughtful in your networking.
  • Strategies for building, nurturing, and leveraging the resources in your network.
You know the importance of showing up, networking, and connecting. They’re critical to building visibility, making strategic alliances, attracting customers, and growing your business. But did you know there are secrets that successful business leaders know and practice that set them above the crowd? You can learn and use these tips, too. They can help you network more effectively, leverage powerful resources, attract more business, eliminate distractions and “noise” and help you stand out as respected leader your field. Join us as professional connector and networking expert Patti DeNucci helps you learn some of her secrets for Working & Connecting at a Higher Level. Cultivating More Rewarding Relationships, Referrals and Results for Your Business
Patti DeNucci
Patti DeNucci is an award-winning writer, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and professional connector dedicated to empowering others to Work and Connect at a Higher Level™. An entrepreneur since 1989, Patti owns and operates DeNucci & Co., an Austin-based firm that connects stellar freelancers, consultants, speakers and other solopreneurs to those who need their expertise. Patti writes the well-regarded blog DeNotations ( and is working on her first book, a guide to attracting profitable connections, clients, and referrals. Patti is one of 40 women from across North America featured in Mary Ann Halpin’s new book Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom.