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You're Doing all the Marketing "Right," so Why Aren't People Converting?

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to Find an Extra $10k in Your Business
  • Ask for the Money You Deserve and Have Prospects Easily Say Yes
  • How to do LESS marketing and get back to doing what you LOVE
  • How to TROUBLESHOOT when your offer isn’t converting leads into CLIENTS

In this webinar, you will learn the skills Kristen Baker used to close over $100 million in sales, the tools she uses with her clients to 10x their revenue in 6 months and how to convert your current leads by positioning yourself as the go to expert in your field. Find out how you can use less marketing and get back to doing what you love, how to ask for the money you know you deserve and have prospects easily say yes!

Kristen Baker

At a time when the real estate market had plummeted into the biggest recession since the Great Depression, Kristen Baker, a recent graduate of Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University, jumped into the commercial real estate industry. Crazy? Most would think so. Not one to let her circumstances hold her back or shape her destiny, Kristen created a sales system that resulted in over $100 million in revenue for her clients. Her astounding results yielded her the “Rising Star” award of distinction. Kristen further enhanced her skills by getting trained in both Jungian Spiritual Psychology and money coaching to master the personal psychology of success. A product of her own work, Kristen Baker’s coaching practice helps others discover “sales success beyond the obvious” by finding innovative ways to monetize their passions and generate revenue abundance. Kristen says, “Very often your greatest opportunities are obstructed by your own blind spots. It’s time to lift the blinders!”