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You Had Me At Logo! What IS Branding & How Brand Clarity Skyrockets Client Attraction

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What You Will Learn:
  • Discover what branding really is and why it is so important to your business success.
  • Discover the first steps to branding your business which skyrockets your client attraction.
  • Learn what the biggest and common mistakes business owners make when branding their business, so you can just STOP it!

Jena Rodriguez, The Brand Advocate, is here to demystify the world of BRANDING and help you understand its true power in your business. When you hear people talk about branding, do you think “I would love to do that, but I can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars getting it right” or maybe “branding…isn’t that for big brands – like CocaCola?”. If that’s you, Jena has some good news. Branding does not have to be expensive and can do wonders to help build your credibility with your ideal clients while increasing your bank account! This session will help you understand branding once and for all and how it relates to your own business; you will walk away with the 3 steps to UNLEASH your brand to your marketplace.

Jena Rodriguez

Jena Rodriguez, known as The Brand Advocate, is founder of Brand With Jena, a brand coaching company that educates, elevates, and inspires entrepreneurs, plus she is Co-Founder with husband, Alex Rodriguez, of AROD Web Design based in Houston, TX. Her passion is talkin’ branding and business building. With her years of various experience, from Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, Controller and Marketing Specialist, Boutique Owner to now a Brand Advocate, mentoring other savvy women entrepreneurs, she KNOWS how to acclimate herself to any business and catapult their brand to a whole new level. She has a knack for actively listening to her clients while gently unfolding the brand that already exists within them.