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Video Marketing Made Easy

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to use youtube to promote videos
  • Increase sales with video
  • Creating your first video
  • Ways to promote videos in the marketing mix
  • New video technology overview

Video is on the fast track, and the new era of marketing. We’ve left behind expensive, highly-polished, lengthy videos of the past. They had a limited use and are not effective today. Why? Because savvy customers tune-out self-serving rhetoric; we respond to authenticity and responsible content vital for making informed decisions. Social media networks such as YouTube have changed the rules. Simply put, customers want to see real people responding to real needs. That’s good for small business owners, because now anyone who can hold a camera and work a computer can answer that call. The value of video to women entrepreneurs and professionals is: 1. Video increases SEO by 50% 2. Video marketing increases workshop attendance by 35%.

Jayne Rios

Jayne Rios founded KungFuzos next generation 7 years ago. With 25 years experience implementing successful marketing and video programs for small business and corporations around the world, she is now sharing her knowledge and helping women business owners grow their businesses by incorporating video into the marketing mix and exponentially growing their companies. Ms. Rios is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, eWomenNetwork, and Marketing Association. She is a Business Owner, Philanthropist and Mom.