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The Untold Strategy For Optimizing LinkedIn

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What You Will Learn:


  • What you might not understand about the culture of LinkedIn and why it is critical to your networking success. 
  • Recent LinkedIn changes you need to know about for your profile and company page
  • The one thing you might be doing to alienate your contacts on LinkedIn 


The Chief Social Officer of eWomenSocial Advantage will give you her monthly tune up on how to maximize Social Media to help you grow your business to greater heights. Her focus this month is on how to answer some of the FAQ's of LInkedIN and how to optimize this important tool for your business.


Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter is the Chief Social Officer of eWomenSocial Advantage, founder of The Social Business Academy and owner of Lisa Larter Consulting.  She is an international business and Social Media consultant and a self professed serial entrepreneur.  She coaches her clients on how to connect with people through Social Media so that they can build relationships, drive traffic to their business and increase sales. Lisa has a unique expertise in business having worked her way up the corporate ladder in retail, assisted with building a national retail wireless chain, and having used Social Media as a way to engage customers to grow business both for herself and her clients. She has led a 100 million dollar corporate retail sales team as well as built and sold her own million dollar retail business making her a subject matter expert for small and large businesses alike.  Her simple philosophy of "People buy from people they know, like and trust" goes straight to the heart of business, and her own success has become the catalyst for sharing her knowledge and experience with others.