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Ultimate Intimacy: Breaking Through 5 Barriers to Blissed-Out Love

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What You Will Learn:
  • Discover and empower yourself with love skills you were never taught.
  • How to overcome fears holding you back from ultimate intimacy.
  • How to gain confidence in creating heart-based intimacy.
  • Explore easy ways to help your lovemate or date get better at intimacy.
  • How to create emotional safety for yourself.
  • How to become visible as your authentic self and be loved for who you really are.

Relationship experts and best-selling authors of "The Love You Deserve", Scott and Shannon Peck, will show you how to utilize powerful love skills that you were never taught. Does your heart long to connect with someone and to feel loved and cared for – even if you’re in an intimate relationship? Ever feel that love is fleeting, passing you by, while you sit on the sidelines, left out? If you are feeling you are missing out on something when it comes to intimacy, then you probably are! You see others experiencing what you have wanted but you don’t know how to get it for yourself. Learn how to create intimacy with confidence and success. Let Scott and Shannon Peck show you how easy it is!

Shannon & Scott Peck

Scott & Shannon Peck are soulmates, relationship experts, & best-selling authors of “The Love You Deserve”. They are originators of groundbreaking courses on love, including finding your soulmate, love mastery skills, love coach certification, and ultimate intimacy. Scott & Shannon have made numerous appearances on both radio & TV as relationship experts. Hundreds of their articles have been published in newspapers & magazines, including Awareness Magazine & Marriage Magazine. As co-founders of The Love Center, their non-profit organization, the Pecks’ mission is to create lasting, loving relationships, including loving yourself, and to create a world of more love.