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Transform Those Time-Sucking Habits into 7-Figure Success

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What You Will Learn:
  • Discover the one thing you do daily that's keeping you from reaching your business goals
  • Learn four easy things you can do to get more results in the next 30 days than you did all last year
  • Master one trick you can use to increase your business success even while you sleep
  • Confront the one stupid idea propagated by every leadership guru that’s costing you a fortune

There’s no question women work hard to start and grow their businesses. What most do not realize is the skill set that got them this far is not the same one that will allow them to lead a profitable business into the future. In fact, 80% of the habits folks bring to their business will ultimately hold them back from achieving the 7-Figure mark in their business. Instead of leading their dream business, they find themselves overwhelmed by all the moving parts, deadlines, and the seemingly never-ending quest for more clients. You will learn the one thing you do daily that’s holding you back from reaching your goals as well as which habits need to be dialed down or off (and why!), AND what you should do instead to create 7-Figure habits. You’ll learn 4 simple steps you can easily take right now to achieve more in 30 days than you did in all of last year!

Cheryl Cook

Cheryl E. Cook, CEO of Small Biz BIG Results and Premier Success Coach for eWomenNetwork,  is an award winning entrepreneur who specializes in training business owners to create 7 figure habits that transform their business into one that runs smoothly and effortlessly, and grows without their attention on the business every second. While she’s worked with giants such as AT & T and Caribbean hideaways catering to the rich and famous, she is best known for her step-by-step Kick in the Assets plan to get business folks from where they are to BIG Vision Island.