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Stop Multi-Tasking! Time Management Makeover

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to implement structure to your day
  • How to keep a time diary to see how you are using your time
  • How to plan and prioritize
  • The power of NO
  • How to separate business and personal calendars
  • How to delegate responsibilities
  • The importance of rewarding yourself!

Is your business getting in the way of your life, or is life getting in the way of your business? This webinar provides you an opportunity to evaluate yourself and your current process for managing time. You will learn the common pitfalls and remedies for success, and how to manage time more effectively. You will also have an opportunity to witness the transformation of someone right before your very eyes when Kelley coaches a business owner who is struggling with "time management" issues. You will leave the webinar with tips to implement immediately into your busy life - so you can use your time effectively and succeed in business and in life. 

Kelley Edelblut

Kelley Edelblut is an eWomen Premier Success Coach,  certified Career and Life Coach and principal of Pathways to the Future. Pathways to the Future provides professional coaching sevices to indivudals searching for clarity in career and life transition. Kelley is also a Collaborative Divorce Coach, and Certified Highlands Assessment Affiliate. Prior to her professional coaching life she spent 15 years in the non-profit and corporate world in the areas of business development, marketing and sales.