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Social Media: Discover, Plan, and Launch for Your Business Success

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to write content that followers and fans believe and share.
  • How to develop and track Key Performance Indicators to determine what is working, what is not, and what to do it about it.
  • 3-Steps to A Social Media Plan that is simple and sustainable.
  • How to delegate your Social Media and still sound like you. It’s Social Media while you sleep.

Social Media expert, Melissa West, will show you the keys to master your social media strategy. Social Media is here to stay. You've heard others talk about the value of Social Media. You’ve even coveted the Social Media presence of others. It can be all you've heard it is, but only if you are intentional with it.

This tele-session is your push, with step-by-step instructions to soaring with Social Media. Melissa will show you how to balance your time, how to track your performance, and how to engage with your target audience effectively.

Melissa West

Melissa West is a Managing Member of TechEdge Media, a business and technology services firm. She began her career as a web programmer, progressed to database development, and transitioned from Corporate America after serving as an I.T. contractor for the U.S. Navy. She has 15+ years of technology experience as a Business Analyst, Database Developer, and Project Manager. Coupled with her technical expertise, Melissa has a keen understanding of the business environment and your need to have the tools to make sound business decisions with. Her passion for customer success strengthens her ability to remain focused on your vision and your passion. Her tuned-in working style helps her stay true to the TechEdge Media mantra, “In the Business of You”.