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Show Up Fully, Make More Money – Use Your Profit Style!

by Darla LeDoux

The Great Entrepreneurial Flip-Flop.  It’s what happens when we step up and something comes up to stop us.  A major life event with uncanny timing or a questioning look from a virtual stranger can be enough to have us shrink just a little bit, pull back from our vision, or quit.

It’s not your fault!  Your past has programmed you to stop right on the edge of success because that exact pattern has kept you safe until now.  But it’s time to show up fully!

When your commitment and messaging are in full alignment, every marketing action is more effective.  Don’t show up fully, and people won’t trust you fully.

Action without alignment is effort wasted.

Entrepreneurs often ask me, “I know this is my pattern, Darla, but what do I DO about it?”

This is where your Profit Style comes in.  The Profit Style is a go-to thought process that pulls you out of hesitation and doubt with a whole new motivation to show up fully.  Enter Sally Service, Empowering Emily, and Connection Connie. We can access all three, but we’ve each got a primary Profit Style™ that lights us up.

For example, you register for eWomen’s national conference.

If you are in a flip-flop mode, you’ll be scattered:  Saying something different to everyone based on making them like you, so no one gets to know you.  Stressing about doing it right and meeting everyone.  Overwhelm people with information that proves you’re good at what you do.  Shying away from anyone who seems like “competition.” Maybe even manifesting circumstances that keep you showing up at all!  This is all fear talking.

With your Profit Style™, you show up fully with great intention.

Sally Service wants to make a difference.  She brings genuine concern to each interaction, and takes nothing personally.  She gives each person a solution to move them forward – whether it’s working with her or some other connection that serves them, not from a “know-it-all” place, but from pure service!

Empowering Emily is looking for what’s right in all that occurs, even the stuff one could view as a “problem.”  She’s clear she’s made the right decision to be there, and will maximize each opportunity by showing up in it as someone who challenges people to think bigger. She fundamentally believes everyone has what it takes, and won’t buy into limiting stories.

Connection Connie knows she connects with the right people, feeling no pressure about that whatsoever.  She uses intuitive sense about where to sit and who to talk to, and trusts that each person she meets is for a reason.  Her goal is uncovering the reason, with no attachment to a particular results.

Any of the three Profit Styles will have you forget your old concerns and allow you to show up fully as the commitment that you are.  And in a world of clutter, that kind of alignment is magnetic!

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