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Shattering Your Belief Code to Achieve a Lifetime of Success

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What You Will Learn:
  • Define beliefs in general and understand the power they hold
  • Identify and deconstruct 8 types of belief codes
  • Learn a step-by-step method on how to shatter beliefs that don't serve you well and how to transform them for the long term


Without us even being aware, internal beliefs specifically determine how we think, feel and act.  Beliefs are an unconscious, internal emotional GPS system.  Without an understanding of our beliefs and how they affect us we cannot succeed at anything.  Successful business owners have beliefs that directly affect their success.  Without successful beliefs there is no success, period.  In this education and experiential presentation, Wendi Francis transfers her expert knowledge about internal beliefs and takes you through specific activities to enable you to shatter those useless beliefs, so you can find the keys to your lifetime of success. 


Wendi Francis

Wendi Francis is certified in strategic coaching, neuro-linguistics, somatic experiencing and grief coaching. She is a transformation strategist who specializes in empowering women in business and relationship psychology. Wendi’s gift is facilitating permanent transformation for others by overcoming their obstacles, challenges and fears, and creating permanent change. Her multi-faceted strategies move others from reaction to choice by focusing on WHY they do things, and how to change their belief system to achieve sustainable success in their business and personal life.