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Self Care is the BEST Care Series: Stop Emotional Eating and Improve Metabolism!

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What You Will Learn:
  • Find out NEW craving information you haven't heard before
  • Find out WHY you are emotional eating and how to stop it
  • Find out about your metabolism and how it needs certain foods
  • Find out the 3 secrets that slim people don't share

Emotional Eating, Food Cravings & Metabolism: “95% of the population are emotional eaters. Are you one of them? Stop the madness and learn what is driving you to eat the way you do and make it easier on yourself! Do you Crave Foods? Do you know why? Did you lose your metabolism somewhere along the way with that sock in the dryer? Let’s help you find it again! Find out the 3 biggest secrets that slim gals know and don’t share from a Day Time Emmy Awards Show! 

Beth Castle

Beth Castle is a Dietary Technician with 26 years experience helping people lose weight and deal with emotional eating. She has created the missing tool for people to keep the weight off. Beth helps people find out "Why We Eat" and has solutions to assist in lessing the pain associated with food.