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Self Care is the BEST Care Series: Outperform The Norm

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What You Will Learn:

Adopt a mental routine to do first thing in the morning to put yourself in a peak performance mindset

Learn how to complete tasks you tend to avoid FIRST with more discipline and determination

Discover how to remove self-imposed limitations that are holding you back personally and professionally 

Learn what to eat and when, so you have more consistent energy throughout the day

How to establish tangible measures of progress to enhance motivation

A 30 day action plan to facilitate long term peak performance behavior change for the next year

There’s a gap between what we know and what we do. If life were simply about doing what we know, everything would be easy. But things come up – things get in our way. Obstacles. And these obstacles keep us from DOING what needs to be done and realizing our true potential. In this video Scott Welle will teach you how the elite athletes he's worked with get their game on, and how you can apply their pshychological conditioning to your life. You will find out how to determine what is holding you back and what you can do about it to move forward. More than anything, you will walk away with a new outlook on what you're truly capable of, and what it would mean for you to achieve your fullest potential and make the most of your precious days here on earth.

Scott Welle

Scott Welle is the founder of Outperform The Norm, the leading high-performance program that trains people on the advanced psychology, physiology and productivity of peak performance so they can get more done, change more lives and make more money. Scott has worked with professional athletes (NFL, MLB, PGA Tour), elite level triathletes, CEOs, stay-at-home moms and everyday heroes. He has consulted with Caribou Coffee, Harbinger Partners, Surly Brewing, Deluxe Corp., Cannon Technologies and Coldwell Banker Burnet. Scott is a featured author in the book Pure Genius, serves on the Executive Certification Board for NESTA and is also on the Advisory Board for the Minnesota School of Business – Globe University. Scott has completed 5 Ironman triathlons and 18 marathons.