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Niche Marketing: How To Hit a Bulls Eye on Your Target Customer

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to begin the process of creating your niche
  • 3 proven niche marketing strategies
  • How to properly communicate your niche
  • Real world examples of profitable niche marketing 


If you are like most business owners, one of your biggest struggles is attracting new customers and clients who are perfect for your business.  The challenge comes from trying to stand out in a super competitive and overcrowded marketplace.  In order to truly pull away from the crowd and get noticed, you will need to position yourself differently to attract the right people.  This all begins with developing a niche marketing strategy where your business rises to the forefront as the one and only solution.  In this webinar, Allison Tibbs will share real world examples to show you how you can have more success in your business by creating a niche that will yield profitable results.

Allison Tibbs

Allison Tibbs is an international author, speaker, and coach who has made a name for herself by working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, professional athletes, coaches, authors, and speakers to help them market their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Now, she spends most of her time traveling across the country speaking, coaching, or writing books and programs  based on her proven systems and strategies to help businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs have more success in their lives and businesses. Her newest projects include the Shepreneur Business Bootcamps, The Marketing Breakthrough System for Business Owners, The Passion Power Purpose Retreats, and her non-profit - The Empower A Girl Foundation. Allison is on a mission to be an agent of change and beacon of light to help change the lives of millions of people around the world.