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Multiple Vitamins: Over the Counter VS. Customized

by Faye Elahi

In an ideal world, if we all ate the right variety and amount of fresh, nutritious food, we probably could get by without any supplemental vitamins!

However, in the real world, with the best effort put into designing a balanced diet, we don’t get all the vitamins and minerals we need from food because:

1. Our soil is depleted due to over-farming. Lack of crop rotation depletes the soil of its rich variety of minerals that is necessary to grow nutrient rich vegetables. 

2. Our diet is imbalanced due to processed "plastic fats", or trans fats that are added to common foods like French fries, chips, macaroni, processed cereals & breads, and chemical additives (toxic dyes, flavors, and preservatives), all of which could cause harm to our bodies.

3. Over-consumption of fast or processed foods worsens the problem of vitamin deficiencies because the more we eat these processed foods, the more addicted we become to their taste and the less we want to eat the fresh, unfatty, unsweetened, fruits, veggies, and wholesome grains. Most people associate fresh foods to "flavor-less" food! (Cheetos’ vs. carrot sticks!)  

4. Our toxic environment (water, air, and soil) causes our bodies to become overburdened with toxic heavy metals in the air we breath or the food or the water we consume; most of us don’t know we have been exposed to heavy metals unless we test for them or get very sick. This is the hardest factor to control because a sick person doesn’t always KNOW the connection between their toxic environment and their sickness!

Now that we know how deficient our diet is, let’s find out what we can do about this problem!

A good solution for all of us is to choose a high quality over the counter (OTC) multi vitamin based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Look for either c GMP or GMP on the label.  Before you run out and buy a multi vitamin, you need to know that not all vitamins are created equal! I suggest that you invest in a whole food based vitamin that comes with its own natural enzymes for better absorption. What you put in you body changes your gut’s biochemistry, which can affect your brain’s biochemistry.

The best solution, if you can budget for it, is to do a urine test that determines how deficient you are of the water-soluble vitamins such as B’s and C and the minerals zinc, magnesium, mangenese, molybdenum etc… then have a professional nutritionist compound a cutomized multi vitamin that would meet your individual deficiencies. These custom multiple vitamins may cost more than the OTCs however because they address your specific needs and deficiencies, you feel a lot better taking them rather than a generic OTC.


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