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Moving a Mountain: How to Raise Big Money, Attract Top Publicity & Launch Your Big Dream

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to protect your concept from the beginning
  • How creative you can be to finance your business
  • How to put infrastructure around yourself when you can’t afford a staff
  • How a true leader creates support  
  • What is most important to investors:  the 4 points of success in creating investor confidence
  • What are the 4 daily priorities that must be attended to when there is only you to get the job done
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Powerful Case Study: Learn how Cricket Lee, Creator of Fitlogic®, raised over $5 million for her business, garnered millions in free PR like the TODAY SHOW, Wall Street Journal and what she discovered about overcoming self-doubt and stepping into your power.  

Cricket Lee has battled the Fashion Industry for 9 years to transform how we shop forever by creating a patented fit system called Fitlogic® for all fashion brands to use. In her quest, she has uncovered a way to circumvent traditional finance and marketing methods and emerge on top of the game.  She has raised over $5MM from angel investors and supporters to achieve her dream, now on the horizon.

Join Cricket in this one-on-one interview with Kym Yancey, President of eWomenNetwork!

Cricket Lee

Cricket Lee, is a marketing visionary. She has created campaigns for British Airways, JCPenney, Ralph Lauren, Saks 5th Avenue, Ford Models and many others.  She was the first to create the concept of putting fitness programs into infomercials with Susan Powter and created a selling revolution on TV that had never been seen before. She created the first ever all natural bath, hair and skin care line, and invented pet jewelry with the mentorship of Stanley Marcus. Cricket is being praised for her most recent venture as the woman to take on the fashion industry. She has created an astounding new fit system called Fitlogic®.

Her concept is so extraordinary that she has been featured on the Today Show, the cover of Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fox, Redbook and in 100s of other magazines, newspapers and TV news programs.

She holds world patents, over 72 awards for creative excellence in advertising and is leading the charge to create fit standardization in the global apparel marketplace for women.