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Maximize Your Energy & Performance

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to fuel yourself for all-day energy.
  • Tips & tricks for how to incorporate health into your busy life.
  • Learn the secrets to staying healthy.
  • Learn what your body needs vs your wants.
  • What you must know to optimize your health & performance.

Do you often feel washed out or running on steam - wishing you had more energy? Do you feel like you could be achieving so much more? Well you can! Find out how to get a new ‘normal’! Fuel yourself to run all day long so you have more to give to your business, your loved ones, and yourself. No matter how great you think you are doing in the health and wellness department, you are more than likely deficient in one or more vital area. And that is affecting every moment of your life. Find out how to close the gap easily, quickly and effectively.

Dawn Peters

Dawn Peters is a global coach and personal development veteran, turned entrepreneur, mentor and speaker. Based on her own health and weight ‘shift’, and extraorinary personal experiences, she shares a powerful holistic lifestyle plan to maximize your health, energy & weight loss. Her approach focuses on the mind-body-food connection – empowering you to rethink the role food plays in you life. Success in any area of your life is, afterall, 80% mindset, 20% mechanics. Shift your mindset, especially towards food as fuel, and you can create a system of eating that is for your lifestyle…for life! You then have, what she passionately terms, ‘The ’Food Mindset’ for your best life!’. Dawn has a Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Life Mastery, Certificates in Therapeutic Massage and Cordon Blue cooking, coupled with her global and personal experiences.