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MasterMinding: A No-Cost 7 Step Process to Transform Your Business

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What You Will Learn:
  • A unique MasterMinding technique without brainstorming or accountability
  • How deliberate intention helps you achieve your financial and personal goals
  • How intuitive listening will help you discover what someone really wants 
  • How to take action and get results on your ultimate goals with less effort


Masterminding is not just for the rich and famous. In fact it doesn't have to cost a thing. This training session will provide techniques to help you move your business light-years ahead by discovering expansive ways of thinking, asking, listening and creating focused productivity.  Mary will demonstrate her technique with  volunteers on the call. In her unique Mastermind sytem, there is no brainstorming involved. Her process simply provides 2 people in their Mastermind session with the tools to help each other discover their true goals and then carve a path for achieving them. 

Mary Robinson Reynolds

Author and Producer of the world renowned Internet videos, and  - both amassing over 10 million views within a few short months of their releases. She has written 10 books and has spoken to tens of thousands of people in a two-year period in every major city in the U.S. Mary's dynamic presentation range covers the spectrum from subtle and endearing to outrageously, side-splittingly funny, to hammer-the-point intensity. She is also wise, humorous and masterful at helping others trust that what they desire is valid.  In all of her works she explores the powerful relevance of user-friendly Quantum physics as it relates to brain/mind technology, and physiology of the mind/body/spirit. She gels mega amounts of information and theory into your psyche so you can easily start making peaceful changes throughout every problematic area in your life.