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Marketing to the Wrong Audience Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

by Rhonda Page

I have a client who’s a caterer. Last summer she catered 18 weddings and made no profit. She felt exhausted and discouraged and I asked her 3 important questions:

1. Why didn’t you make a profit?

2. Are you charging enough?

3. Are you marketing to the right audience?

It turned out that she didn’t make a profit because her expenses where too high, she wasn’t charging enough and in the end she realized that she was marketing to the wrong audience. The audience she was attracting could not afford to pay her rates and she was doing the weddings at a low cost, still needed to hire staff, working very hard and not making money.

As a small business marketing consultant, I see this all the time. Being clear on your audience has a direct impact on your bottom line. You want to be marketing to the people who have the budget to pay you for your products or services. Just like my client the caterer who’s weddings are highly specialized with all local and organic food – not everyone who would want to use her for their weddings. However there are people who highly value what she does, and she needs to make sure to get their attention.

Clues that you’re marketing to the wrong audience

The first clue is your bottom line. If you’re not happy with your bottom line results, this may be where your problem lies. The second clue is less obvious. It’s the length of the sales process. If it’s taking forever for you to close a prospect, take a good look at that prospect. They may not be right for you. We all know that walking away from a prospect can be terrifying but there is usually someone else waiting around the corner who is the right client for you. Allow the space for those people to come into your life and don’t waste time with the wrong people.

How to market to the right audience?

Here are a few quick tips to help you
market to the right audience:

1. Think about all the clients you’ve

2. Now think about the best
ones…those you enjoyed working with and paid you well

3. Make a list of all the key
characteristics of those favorite clients. (if you haven’t experienced any so
far, imagine someone you know who could be ideal for you)

4. Now look at the clients you are
currently working with and see how it matches up. Often the case is that they
don’t match up too well.

5. Now look at your marketing messages
and see if they are speaking to your ideal client.

These simple exercises can be real eye openers. Often it takes a bit of retooling once you start down this path but the results are well worth it.

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