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It’s Time to “Get Your Woman On”

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What You Will Learn:
  • Learn the Formula for Collaborative Success
  • Discover the Ingredients for Experiencing Your Own Beauty, Power and Financial Wealth
  • Create Powerful Win/Win/Win Relationships and Projects
  • Alter the Limiting Patterns that are Keeping You Stuck
  • Gain Clarity about How to Move Forward in Your Life
  • Learn how to Attract and Create a Powerful, Unstoppable Sisterhood that Supports Your Vision and Growth
Women are the solution and the visionary leaders that business and the world so desperately need. Learn how to embody your impassioned mission and stop the compromising that is keeping you from being the leader you are in order to achieve the financial success and fulfillment of your heart’s desire. You know you are a force to be reckoned with! In this Tele-Session, you will learn the formula for collaborative success, how to alter limiting patterns and create win/win/win in what matters to you most. Discover how to have that full-on beauty, power and financial success in your business. You do not have to go it alone. Join us and learn how to unleash unstoppable collective power.
Kimber Marie Lim

Kimber Marie Lim, Founder & CEO, is a best-selling author and has created the formula for collaborative connection and financial success in business. She founded “Get Your Woman On” because she knew how to have women embrace their beauty, power, leadership and financial wealth. With more than 25 years of success in sales, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and corporate management, she and her team have transformed the lives and businesses of over 100,000 companies. Her secret to success is based on a formula that is simple, fun and lucrative. Her mission is: Transition the world from survival economics into a world of economic stability with women in power, leadership and financial wealth. She is a visionary, recognized world leader, and savvy business woman committed to women and children’s well being. She possesses the ability to zero in on exactly what is in the way of you being fully the leader you are and having your heart’s desire realized. Women are the solution, and we are the leaders the world needs. It’s time to rally up.