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Isn’t that Your Idea? How to Capture, Organize and Communicate What’s in your Head to get Recognized, Rewarded, and Rich!

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What You Will Learn:

In this session you will:

  • Identify and get clear about the idea on which you want to focus and implement…your “money idea”.
  • Discover a process that leads you to capture, organize, and communicate your ideas, with IMPACT©.
  • Explore how to pick yourself up and move on with your idea when you experience roadblocks and naysayers along the way.
  • Share your idea story so that others may learn from your mistakes and successes.
  • Learn how to use your rich network of resources to take your ideas from “in your head”, to reality so next time you won't have to say,“Hey, that’s my idea!”
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So many ideas; how to implement them all? Should you? Do you find yourself with a lot of ideas, then toss them out, forget to write them down, get lost in decision-collision, tell yourself “some day”, or wait too long to communicate them and find that someone else “stole them”? Help is here! This Tele-Sesson will guide you through a six-stage process and identify tools that help you to focus on your “money idea”, and to capture, organize, and communicate your ideas, suggestions, and solutions from thoughts to reality. You will leave with resources that help you to remember and apply the strategies that transform your ideas from “in your head” to implementation. Glenn Garnes, creator of the Village Connector, says, “This program should be mandatory for entry into mastermind groups and work teams and before business plan development”. Take action to avoid having to say,next time,“Hey, that’s my idea!"

Sylvia Henderson

Personal branding expert Sylvia Henderson, Chief Everything Officer (CEO) of Springboard Training, works with individuals and organizations to help you show you’re as great as you say you are. Sylvia trains, facilitates workshops, speaks, produces info-products, and has a cable television program. All focus on the interpersonal skills and professional behaviors necessary to align your personal and organizational images for bottom-line success.  Sylvia integrates her motorcycle avocation with her corporate and non-profit leadership background and her Girl Scout Trainer, Toastmasters, National Speakers Association, Leadership Montgomery, and networking experiences to engage you in experience-based, content-rich programs.  Henderson, is the author of multiple books. Her most recent are TXTVERSATIONS: How Old Farts Must Communicate With Young Whippersnappers, and Vice-Versa, So We Can Get Something Done and Hey,That’s My Idea: How to Speak Up and Get Recognized for What You Know and Think.

Special FREE Documents:  Document session handout/Idea Organizer Worksheet