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How Your Personality Impacts Your Health

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What You Will Learn:
  • Find out how your personality style defines how you hold your stress
  • Learn how stress can cause physical disease and disorder
  • Discover how your immune and adrenal systems are intimately connected and impact your health
  • Learn how to access the strengths of your personality, not its weaknesses
  • The 2 "P's that will help you eliminate dis-ease and bring you good health

Entrepreneurs are the epitome of DIYers, but with that comes stress which often leads to illness and pain. But did you know that your health could be directly related to your personality?  Dr. Dorothy presents a common sense, humorous and well researched reality about how your personality impacts your health. Research shows us that each personality holds stress differently. Some are more prone to migraines, others tend to get strep throat, some suffer from chronic back pain and so on.  Dr. Dorothy’s has a gift to make the complex easily understood. In this session, you will learn how to dig deeper to understand your personality, so you can make changes that impact your health.

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville (a.k.a. Dr. Dorothy), PhD, has story unlike anyone else. Born as an illegitimate child to a catholic mother, she began her life in an orphanage and then re-adopted by her birth mother at age 3. She was abused and forced to live in a playpen 16 hours a day.  From this experience came a life of spiritual awakening, travel and careers that focused on helping others live their dreams.  Dr. Dorothy is a speaker, coach, author, psychotherapist, healer, and popular radio and television expert on healing. She has been featured on OWN, the New York Times and the Huffington Post. Dr. Dorothy is also president-elect of the National Speakers Association-CT. As a pioneer in Energy Medicine, Dr. Dorothy received NIH grant funding to research her work with Fibromyalgia patients. In addition to becoming Clinical Instructor at a medical school, she founded The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences developing a 4 year program. For 19 years she taught MD’s and others how the psycho/spiritual correlates to physical disease and disorders.