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How to Win Over Any Audience with the Wave of Your Hand

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What You Will Learn:
  • The secret to earning the trust of a live audience.
  • Mistakes you may be making that repel your audience and leave them feeling exhausted, especially if you have been formally trained as a speaker.
  • The critical mindset that you MUST maintain if you want to be able to move on the stage naturally, smoothly and with power.
  • How a simple wave of your hand can completely change the way your audience feels about you and your message.

Movement and body language play a huge roll in your ability to win the trust of an audience. How you make your audience feel is what’s going to separate you from other speakers and make you memorable, and your body language can either win your audience over or repel them.

In this session you’ll see first-hand how one person transformed thier speaking from near paralyzing stage fright to standing ovations by simply changing the mindset and the way you move on the stage -- and you’ll be able to implement these same strategies in your own speaking.

Please note: You will need to have access to a computer during the live session, as you will be playing short videos on your screen during the call. If you cannot access a computer during the live call, you will receive a replay link to watch at your convenience.

Steve Lowell

Steve has over 30 years of experience as a professional speaker, trainer, and entertainer. He is the founder of Your Stage Training and Education Inc., a prestigious business education and training event in Ottawa, Canada. He is the author of "From Stage Fright to Spotlight: 99 Speaker's Secrets to Breaking the Rules and Mastering the Stage" and the creator of "From the Page to the Stage"; a two-day intensive public speaking training program for authors who have a message that can change lives, and need to share their gifts with live audiences. Steve brings volunteers from the audience on the stage and coaches them in real time to help them release their magic, breate life into their message, and change lives from the stage.