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Great Conference! Now What? Get the Most ROI From Your Conference Experience

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What You Will Learn:
  • Identify your purpose in attending the conference
  • Calculate your investment in your conference experience – financially and personally
  • Determine the resources you will compile to make the most of your on-site interactions
  • Prepare yourself to get the most return on your conference investment (ROI)

What excitement to attend a great conference like the eWomeNetwork International Conference and Business Expo! We have an amazing time, and we leave with our heads full of ideas and intentions for our lives and/or businesses. We get home and “real life” happens. Then what becomes of our ideas and intentions?  Life and business take priority over new ideas, and three months later we wonder just what we “got” from that great conference. In this program you'll learn how to implement the ideas you take away from the conference, which of the "special offers" you signed up for are worth your time and investment, and organize your resources you obtained at the conference to make the most of your on-site connections. 


Sylvia Henderson

Sylvia Henderson, Implementation Strategist, helps individuals and teams get out of their heads and into action with their ideas, for profit and purpose. Clients call her the “Clarity Queen of Ideas." Using her design thinking process called IMPACT©, Sylvia helps you get clear about, develop strategies for, take action on and be accountable to your ideas. Sylvia is the author of multiple books including "Hey, That's My Idea!," and hosts a cable TV program on implementing ideas. Turn your dreams into dollars, concepts into cash, and ideas into impact with Sylvia’s expertise, experience, guidance and encouragement.