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Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive

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What You Will Learn:
  • The 3 components of burnout
  • The 12 stages of burning out
  • Saying no to others so that you can say yes to yourself
  • Distinguishing burnout from stress and depression
  • How to recognize and nip burnout in the bud
  • How to revive from burnout and use it as a valuable course correction
Fried may seem like an innocuous enough topic since so many of us use it these days to describe our frenzied, speed-oriented, exhausted state of mind. But innocuous it is not. Feeling fried is an alarm that life has veered seriously off course. It’s shorthand for losing our way individually and culturally in a world spinning so fast that it feels like we’re about to be launched into outer space. I’ve been there and feel a strong calling to share what I’ve learned about revival with everyone in these uncertain, quickly changing, speed-driven times.
Joan Borysenko

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. is a Harvard trained medical scientist, licensed psychologist, and popular speaker . A New York Times bestselling author, her most recent books address the tumultuous times we are living in. It’s Not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change, and her newly released Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive take the reader beyond survival to an empowered, authentic life. Her work has appeared in newspapers ranging from The Washington Post to the Wall Street Journal. A warm and engaging teacher, she blends cutting edge science and psychology with grace, humor, and a healing presence. You can find out more about Dr. Borysenko, view video and read articles at or join the lively conversation at