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Eat To Fuel Success @ Work

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What You Will Learn:

Learn why Vitamin Bs are essential for busy women

Discover the main reasons why excess fat in the diet leads to deadly diseases

How much sugar is enough compared to how much an average woman eats

Is a low- carb diet ideal for working women? why not?

A sample of moderate protein, moderate carb, moderate fat diet for working women

Many of us who are women entrepreneurs are juggling roles between our business and personal lives and often don't eat enough of the foods we need or eat too much of the foods we don't need! The average working woman doesn't eat enough nutrients for breakfast, then grabs a fast food lunch packed with empty calories and finishes the day with a convenient processed dinner and a couple of cocktails with minimal antioxidant rich fruits, vegetables, fiber, and good carbohydrates. These healthy foods all contain the essential nervous system vitamin Bs that can help calm your brain as well as .energize you.  This presentation is designed to help all professional women, including full-time mothers, understand the true science behind what makes a breakfast nutritious, a brown bag lunch energyzing without the excess empty calories, a snack refreshing and a dinner satisfying.  This candid nutrition presentation will bring these health promoting foods to the women's attention so they can keep up with their demanding daily schedules without feeling fatigue or the mid-afternoon sugar slump!

Faye Elahi

Faye Elahi, M.S., M.A. is a nationally known Author, Nutritionist, and Public Speaker in private practice in Plano, Texas for 22 years. She has obtained a Masters in Nutrition from Texas Woman University, a Masters in Mass Communication from Denver University, and a Masters in Psychology from University of Nice, France. She has conducted nutrition workshops for fortune 500 corporations such as IBM, AT &T, and been a frequent television guest in Dallas on ABC, CBS and KXTV. She has served over 1500 families in north Texas since 2001. Faye 's animated presentation style along with her in-depth scientific knowledge and her mastery of three languages has made her a successful speaker both locally and nationally.