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Dress the Feng Shui Way for Success

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What You Will Learn:
  • Learn how to dress with intention to achieve your goals
  • Discover how to use your wardrobe for influence and change
  • Find out how to use your wardrobe to increase your self-confidence and business presence
  • Learn about impression management and how that impacts your business and your brand

How we dress makes a huge difference in how we're perceived socially and professionally. It affects our credibility and ability to influence our audience. Psychologists believe that what we wear affects us psychologically as well. It alters our moods, stimulates our minds, enhances our self-image and makes us feel more self-confident and even "powerful." The end result is an increase in our productivity and ultimately our bottom line. Just about every business related magazine has covered the immense value of dressing for success because of how it impacts the perception others have of you in terms of your knowledge and skills. In this presentation, participants will learn how to use the five Feng Shui elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal to dress intentionally, mindfully and successfully.

Carol Parker Walsh

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is an award-winning popular speaker, trainer, #1 best-selling author and certified image professional specializing in developing strategies for individuals to hold a positive personal and professional self-image. She holds a JD in employment law and PhD in human development and social systems. She combines her expertise in appearance, communication, behavior, identity development, body structure and color, along with 25+ years as an executive, lawyer, and academic to support her clients in creating a personalized style that embraces their essence and life goals. Parker Walsh is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Business Journal, writing the monthly column "Dress Code," has dispensed style advice on Seattle's morning talk show (KING5 New Day Northwest) and Fox 12's More Good Day Oregon, and has appeared on various radio programs, blogs, magazines and other print. Parker Walsh is the founder and owner of Evolve Image Consulting, where she transforms lives by helping people create a wardrobe for success.