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Double Your Revenue In 90 Days: The 9 Simple Steps

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What You Will Learn:
  • More than Double Your Income
  • Take More Time Off
  • Turn your $100 hour into the $100,000 hour
  • Boost your effectiveness and maximize your potential
  • Achieve breakthrough performance
  • Receive her “7 Principles of The Power and Profitability of Delegation”
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Sheri' Taber has made available a special offer for Success Institute attendees
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As part of this ongoing Success Institute series, Sheri' is offering a series of weekly coaching sessions to provide powerful and immediately implementable action plans that empower you personally and professionally.  She will show you how you can:

  • Increase and sustain organic revenue and profit growth
  • Develop a higher, faster growth, higher margin business
  • Create new customers and new markets
  • Revitalize your business model
  • Tap into the abundant brain trust and resources outside of your network
  • Become an innovative leader
  • Increase your revenue by 130% to over 1100%
  • Lead with confidence
  • Create a Lead Generation Machine
  • Develop a no-fail client conversion strategy
  • Monthly “Ask Sheri” strategy sessions
  • MP3s of all sessions
  • Download templates, assessments and workbooks
  • Unlimited access to thousands of resources, forms, videos, articles, legal agreements and more
  • Special discounts to new programs and 1:1 coaching with Sheri’
  • Monthly emails from Sheri’ provide strategy, tips from industry experts and access to must have resources

To learn more, click here!   The Peak Performance Group, LLC offers a variety of coaching programs starting at $24.99 per month.  For more information, please go to http://PrinciplesofSuccess.ORG.

Sheri’ shows you how to double your revenue and your time off – then she’ll show you how to do it again!  Her 9 Simple Steps are culled from her best selling “Double Your Revenue in 90 Days” program.  Hundreds of clients have increased their revenues from 200 to over 1100%.  You’ll never spend your time and focus the same way again. Learn some of the powerful techniques Sheri’ uses to help her clients achieve breakthrough success and perform at their absolute best.  She’ll show you how to achieve the greatest return possible on the time you invest in your business.
SherĂ­ Taber

Sherí Taber is CEO of The Peak Performance Group, Inc., a global management consulting, executive development and thought leadership firm. She is an international award-winning, business expert with the capacity to take a business and its leaders in the right direction and solve the toughest problems.

Sherí works with C-Suite executives, leaders and sales teams at some of the world’s most successful organizations.  A certified minority, fully woman-owned business holding memberships and certifications in some of the most prestigious organizations, Sherí has received recognition and awards around the world for her work, community and philanthropic contributions.