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Creative Entrepreneur: A Foundation for Everyday Miracles

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What You Will Learn:
  • Why discovering your creativity is not just a luxury or an option.
  • Five reasons that creativity matters to you, personally.
  • The three raw materials, and six tools responsible for everything we create.
  • Five obstacles in the way of discovering your creativity, and how to overcome them.
  • Three powerful techniques and practices to unlock your personal creativity.

Award winning Hollywood producer and director, Barnet Bain, is showing you how to unlock your creativity. We know success, and we have experienced how much our successful lives and businesses are the result of our drives, talents and creativity. And yet, no matter how much of your creativity you have already tapped, you know there is more.

Creativity, the hidden and as yet unclaimed gift, is the power that turns potential into achievement. It is the key to having it all; career, relationship, family and friends. Sharing his personal stories, experiences, and techniques, Barnet shows you the secret places to discover your creativity, as well the fears and blockages that keep it away.

Barnet Bain

Barnet Bain is an award winning Hollywood producer and director, radio broadcaster and creativity expert. Select film credits include Oscar winner What Dreams May Come (producer), triple Emmy Award nominee Homeless to Harvard (executive producer),The Celestine Prophecy (writer, producer), The Jesus Film (writer) and The Lost and Found Family (director). He is heard every week as co-host of Cutting Edge Consciousness Radio on KKZZ AM Talk Radio in Southern California with podcasts from Barnet conducts Leading From the Edge programs for corporations and entrepreneurs, and is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council. For more information