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Convert Your Business Profits into Meaningful Personal Wealth

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What You Will Learn:

  • Strategies you can put to use TODAY to begin building value for your business.

  • The most important mistakes to avoid while building your business.

  • Keys to making your business valuable (from an investors/buyers' perspective).


Best-selling author of "Show Me The Money" and columnist for & Fox Business online, Chia-Li Chien, shows you how to capture meaningful personal wealth, grow in value and position your business for future transitioning. EVERYONE has a need to become financially independent from the business they create. MOST can express how much it will take to achieve that independence. MANY can share ideas about it or articulate what needs to be done. SOME can generate a detailed action plan. FEW will actually execute the plan. Your business is an investment. Define your plan to get paid what you're worth. Chia-Li will show you how to capture the financial return and reward you deserve for all your years of hard work.


Chia-Li (Jolly) Chien

Chia-Li Chien is the CEO & Chief Strategist of Value Growth Institute, a business strategy firm with a focus on repositioning small businesses for optimum return on investment and future financial independence. Chia-Li is a passionate leader, globetrotting strategist, speaker, and is the Award-Winning author of Show Me The Money. Chia-Li is a columnist for & Fox Business online, and is a Midas Advisor of MidasNation, a community that is dedicated to helping private business owners increase the value of their firms.