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Comfortable Will Kill You: Here’s How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

by Vasavi Kumar


Face it. We talk about change more than we take the action to change the thing we have been talking about that we want to change. Yes, that was meant to be wordy and a run-on.

And instead of giving you tips on how to take action in your life (because you already know them), and inspiring quotes to get you moving (because you have already seen them somewhere on the internet or on Facebook), I am going to paint a picture of what will happen if you choose to stay comfortable.

You will suffer. Yes. You will live a life where you feel trapped, helpless and powerless. That is what comfortable does to you. When’s the last time you felt good saying NO to an opportunity (because you were scared), when you wanted to scream YES (but were too uncomfortable and scared), or talked about your dream for the 10 millionth time and didn’t take any action? Creating possibility in your life is not supposed to be easy. However, when you are willing to do whatever it takes be the person that you know you are meant to be, it is easy. As humans we make our lives so difficult. How? By resisting.

Yup. We resist the hell out of anything that makes us slightly uncomfortable. Do you really think that Gold medalist Gabby Douglas won the gold by staying at home and watching, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians?”, or chose to go out drinking Friday nights? Doubt it. She did the uncomfortable thing. She practiced her butt off, woke up early, and did it all over again every single day. She chose to be the Gold medalist that she is today, even before she won.

You and I both know that you have a gift. And if you are reading this and saying, ‘I don’t have a gift,’ consider that is just the comfortable thing you have been telling yourself to let yourself off the hook from being the greatness that you are.

So, how will comfortable kill you? It will keep you believing the lies that you have been telling yourself your entire life. It will keep you in your safe little box where nothing is possible, and everything is scary.

But what if you step out of your box and actually succeed?! Now what? Now you know your potential, and you have no option but to continue your path to greatness. YOU get to choose.

Mediocrity is normal. Greatness is divine.

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