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Comfortable Will Kill You--Here’s How to Live Outside of your Comfort Zone

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What You Will Learn:
  • The two questions you need to ask to get you from stuck to successful in a snap
  • Four ways we get stuck in our comfort zone (and how to get out ASAP)
  • The top three signs you are getting way too comfortable
  • The three words you NEED to say when confronted by your fear
  • The 2 ways to consistently stay uncomfortable
  • What other people really have to do with what you want
  • The actual 6-step practice that I use every day to build my business and love my life more every day.


We talk about change. Every single one of us having dreams, goals, and aspirations. What sets us apart those who succeed from those who spend their life talking..and talking...and talking about what they should have done, could have done, and would have done? One word: Uncomfortable. Getting uncomfortable is the KEY to making things happen in your life. It’s the key to go from talking to doing; from thinking about it to taking action on it. Vasavi Kumar, MSEd, LMSW- creator of the S.O.U.R.C.E. of Your Success Program will share her proven methods to get you moving from thinker to doer.

Vasavi Kumar

Vasavi Kumar was diagnosed as bi-polar, but she's living a vibrant life for almost a year WITHOUT medication. She turned that label around and now works with people to change the conversation they have with themselves. As a certified life coach, transformational speaker, and business-savvy entrepreneur, she runs her business with a combination of direct, down-to-earth insight and genuine passion for her clients. “I talk my talk and I walk my walk. Everything that I have ever suggested my clients do I have done myself.  She holds a dual Masters in Special Education from Hofstra University, and Social Work from Columbia University, and was mentored by award-winning author Lisa Nichols. In her capacities as radio host, author, coach, and speaker, Vasavi is working to push people towards taking action in their lives in unconventional and fearless ways. “I have a light side to me, because I think people take transformation really seriously,” she says. “And it’s because we take ourselves way too seriously. I see the light in everything.”