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Building Your Business While Finding Your Soulmate: You CAN Have it All!

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What You Will Learn:
  • A powerful tool to clear inner, hidden blocks to healthy relationships
  • What the key Nine Environments are and how they help you draw men, not boys, into your life. 
  • The simple mindset shift that lets you go from stressed out to self-care and love
  • The 5 "M's" that help you determine if a guy is the right man for you
  • How you can get any guy to step up, start pulling his weight, be more supportive and attentive.
  • FREE Goodie-Bag to help you create the love-life you deserve

Women entrepreneurs sometimes feel like their business has to come first, so how can you find the time and energy to find romance and keep an ongoing relationship healthy? Find out in this enlightening interview with Relationship and Dating Mentor, Barry Paul Price. He shares his secrets on how to build your business while finding and having a lasting, loving relationship with the right man,  how to fit dating, romance and relationships into your busy schedule and how to have your soulmate find YOU. 

Barry Paul Price

Barry Paul Price is the male voice for women's relationship success. He watched his smart, confident, single working Mom struggle with men and relationships. This inspired Barry to help women get the love they deserve. His life-coaching and male insight help women change their relationship with themselves, so they can change their relationships with men. He has delivered his message, "You Can Have the Love You Deserve, ' through print, radio and video. He has also shared stages with female empowerment leaders such as Sandra Yancey, Lisa Nichols and others. Barry provides self-love and relationship tools to successful women around the world.