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Be A Game Changer: The One Question that Will Change Everything

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What You Will Learn:
  • Discover that one question that will change the game
  • Learn to align with your vision and overcome obstacles to success
  • Address new challenges and take a leap forward by leveraging your existing talents
  • Learn how to take risks that will spur innovative thinking 
  • Find out the key to consistently deliver high-quality results.

Have you ever experienced something so BIG and BOLD it changed everything? Are you itching for that kind of professional or personal transformation? Are you ready for the one BIG IDEA that will help you align with your vision and satisfy complex challenges?” It’s time to take a hard look at where the need for change, growth, and development really lies. And, it may not be where you think! This workshop will supercharge your effectiveness and help you reinvent your life – at work and at home. With the aid of one simple question, doors to new solutions will open. Discover the one question that changes the game and enables bold thinking and action. This could be your real "AHA" moment. 

Teressa Moore Griffin

Teressa is a personal development coach, corporate facilitator and certified Core Energetics therapist. She has provided solutions to many of the issues facing today’s business leaders, working with individual leaders to help them develop personal depth and the courage to effectively embrace complex business challenges and move beyond perceived limits. She also manages organization-wide strategic culture change, and designs and implements cutting-edge leadership development programs. She is the author of “LIES That Limit,” the voice of “Office Talk” on KYW Newsradio, a thought-leading blogger for and contributes regularly to other media seeking experts on personal growth and self-awareness.