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Be Funny and Boost Your Business and Your Life!

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What You Will Learn:
  • Learn why humor in your talks can boost your business.
  • Understand the difference between standup comedy and business humor.
  • Learn HOW to add humor to your stories.
  • Learn HOW to craft a funny lline


It’s really simple, make people laugh and they’ll buy more of your stuff.  Deliver your talk with humor, grace and vulnerability so the audience falls in love with you, and they’ll rush to buy your products and services. In this session you will learn to understand the difference between standup comedy and business humor, and how to add humor to your talks and grab your audience in the first 5 seconds! Learn exactly HOW to add humor to your talks.You may think Robin Williams or Jerry Seinfeld come up with their funny lines on the spur of the moment.  Well, they don’t.  They use the tips and tools Anne Barab will teach you to take basic ideas and turn them into laughs. Humor is not about telling jokes.  It’s about creating a resilient mindset that sees the humor in all life situations.  So take the challenge to make your next talk a funny one and reap the rewards of adding humor to your presentations and your life! 

Anne Barab

Anne Barab, Life Catalyst, teaches you how to adapt in the face of adversity to create more love, joy, peace and contentment in your life. As a business leader (she was COO of a $1.5 billion bank), teamwork specialist (she’s a recovering politician), presentation skills coach (she’s guided numerous clients to personal success), breast cancer thriver, and humorous author (four books and a weekly newsletter). Her programs are grounded in real-life experiences and counter-intuitive insights. “Anne Barab’s wit and wisdom are unmatched in today’s world. She keeps you entertained as she shares her life lessons and provides you with recipes for success. I’ve seen her speak four times and I always come away with new tips to apply.” Nina Turner