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4 Keys to Unlock Your Next BOLD Move

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What You Will Learn:
  • How to recognize when it's time for your next bold move
  • The three characteristics of a bold move
  • Four essential keys that provide the foundation for the bold move
  • Four hidden focusing powers that create the synergy for forward momentum

You enjoy your work and you’re good at it. Yet, there is some small inner voice that whispers that your greatest contribution is yet to come. You have a nagging sense that in the work you’re doing either you’re “not quite there yet," or the work isn’t quite what you are meant to do. You find yourself being called to some greater expression. But how do you get there? And, where is “there”? Through her own personal journey and discoveries, Sandye Brown takes you on her journey from childhood abuse to drug abuse. She shares what she learned through taking many bold moves in her life that brought her from ashes to coaching the masses.  Sandye identifies the characteristics of the “bold move," and shows you the four keys to helping you make the leap to your next bold move. She reveals the four hidden powers you must master in your journey toward greater levels of fulfillment, contribution and success.

Sandye Brown

Sandye Brown is a credentialed master coach specializing in personal, leadership and spiritual transformation. Over the past 25+ years she has coached thousands of leaders in their quest to produce significant results. Known as the Wisdom Catalyst, Sandye Brown assists people to transform their outdated mindsets and self-limiting behavior patterns. As a result, her clients report greater levels of personal fulfillment along with success in the areas that matter to them. Insightful, direct and thought provoking, Sandye is a compassionate listener and thought partner who helps people challenge and dissolve the assumptions, mindsets and habits that no longer serve them.