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The 4 Key Elements to Tackle Your To-Do List with Ease

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What You Will Learn:
  • Commit to become the #1 curator of your life (it’s not selfish, it’s inspiring to those you lead!)
  • Determine your Why - your bigger dream/goal yet lived
  • Establish commitments to experience your Why now
  • Get clear on your top 4 activities/tasks to fuel your commitments and your Why
  • Implement rewards in your life

One of the most significant hurdles to thriving with ease in business is a sense of overwhelm, disorganization and never-ending “to do” list. This results in lack of focus, mediocre results and marginal fulfillment in ones' daily experience. Guess what? It’s your commitments or lack thereof that take you out. Once and for all, you need to be the #1 curator of your life. In this tele-session you'll discover 4 elements to transform your daily experience from overwhelm to ease, so you experience daily life-mastery on all levels. Success awaits you!

Christine Monaghan

Christine Monaghan is creator of Daily Life Mastery, international radio host of Entrepreneur Conversations Radio and author of HeartBroke, An Entrepreneurs Journey from Near-Death to Possibilities. Christine’s background includes raising millions in sponsorship/sales, co-production in 80,000+ attendee world-class events as well as conceptualizing and building a self-discovery event property with 300+ international presenters. Daily Life-Mastery is about inspiring entrepreneurs to be the #1 curator of your life based on 11 play-filled commitments.