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3 Steps to Use When Prospects aren’t Converting into Paying Clients

by Kristen Baker

Marketing is a lot like dating. You know what I mean. You go on a lot of “dates” but you just don't connect with anyone. Or you actually do connect, but they aren’t calling you back. You can stop spinning your wheels. There is an opportunity to transform what you are attracting.

3 Steps to Use When Prospects aren’t
Converting into Paying Clients

Identify the Patterns

What am I attracting? Am I attracting flakey prospects? Needy prospects? No leads? Prospects that won’t make a decision? Prospects that commit and back out? Prospects who say yes, but don’t pay? People who think it is too expensive? People who want to do it “later?" People who interview you and hire someone else?  When you see you are the common denominator, you can begin to shift the pattern to something new. It is important not to see this as your fault. This is your chance to take responsibility and seize the opportunity to create something new!

This is your Default Inner Ideal Client™.

Understand Your Inner Ideal Client™

Your Default Inner Ideal Client™ was created through your unconscious conditioning and personal history. If you want your true LOVE outer ideal clients to show up, you have to transform your Inner Ideal Client™. The Inner Ideal Client relationship was created long ago when you were growing up to help you avoid pain. Though your current situation may seem uncomfortable, your mind believes that something new *could* be worse, so why risk it?

Challenge yourself to ask yourself this question: what is the WORST thing about attracting more clients? What am I afraid of if I get all the success I desire?

Don’t worry if the answer doesn’t come right away. You may need to open up some space for the answer to the question and it may come to you later this week or even this month. But the answer is a big clue as to why you have your current result, AND how to transform them.

Transform Your Inner Ideal Client

What is the feeling that arises when you think about the worst case in attracting more ideal clients? Common answers are: smothered, trapped, a practice full of needy clients would make me feel overwhelmed or anxious. Some people are afraid they will be outcast in their family or circle of friends if they get too successful. Are there any parallels to your romantic life?

Unconsciously – you have been avoiding this feeling. And avoiding this feeling keeps you stuck and trapped. You give it power when you avoid it. But in answering this question, and making your fear conscious, you can move towards that feeling and free yourself from the conditioning that created it. You can *feel* the feeling. Not express it, not repress it, not numb it, not ruminate on it.  FEEL it. When you FEEL it  in your body, you become more powerful than it, and it no longer creates limits around what you can perceive and receive. When you aren’t afraid to feel smothered, overwhelmed, trapped, etc.. you can now CREATE a full practice of ideal clients without that unconscious fear running your results.

How to Change Your Inner Ideal Client

Your relationship with your Inner Ideal Clients will change and you will begin to attract people who:

1) Value the result you help people create enough to make the REAL sacrifices required (time, money, energy and emotional discomfort)

2) LIKE you and will, with enough information, trust you and your process to help them get that result.

And THAT is all you NEED to attract to get a practice full of amazing, ideal clients. No marketing or sales tip, trick or strategy will work if you don’t change your relationship with your Inner Ideal Client™. But the results can be fast with just a few little tweaks to transform that relationship.


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