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What You Will Learn:
  • Get Camille’s 3 step Action Plan to become financially secure in 2011 and beyond
  • Attract positive money habits into your life immediately
  • Find out the # 1 Rule of Investing to reach your financial goals
  • Discover the 3 methods you must know for determining when to buy or sell investments
  • Determine your own money SWOT’s and use them to empower you financially
Make this the Year You Become Financially Empowered! Feel smarter and more secure around your money and gain valuable insights and skills that will immediately increase your confidence toward your financial goals.
Camille Gaines
Smart investing enabled Camille Gaines to leave her early career as an energy trading accountant to become a commission based commercial real estate broker. This laid the perfect foundation for her personal investing journey, followed by hundreds of books and courses and many hard knocks lessons. For over 23 years, she has been fortunate to work with numerous financial professionals and also personally invest in stocks, funds, real estate, and everything in between. Camille founded, is the author of an upcoming book, and creator of three investing courses. She is able to offer completely unbiased and broad based knowledge from her extensive experience rather than selling specific investment products or services.