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Traps to Avoid When Taking Credit Cards by Natalie Donahue -

Do you use footers to help protect your business from a chargeback? If you have a policy that all sales are final then it needs to be on the receipt. Signs on the wall are not enough or the cardholder could successfully chargeback that sale. Have...

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Google+ Hangouts are to Social Media what Family Reunions are to Families by Melissa West -Read More
The POWER of the UNSPOKEN by Barnet Bain -

To an actor or director, subtext is a word for all the unspoken thoughts, feelings and motivations a performer brings to her role. Subtext is always unspoken, yet it is the most eloquent aspect of an actor’s performance coloring every...

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Shortcut Out of Overwhelm by Nancy Hagan -

We're into the second quarter of the year, off and running with resolve to make this a better year, a better month, a better week, a better day than the last. What gets in our way? Often it is Overwhelm: the feeling that there is too much to do,...

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Access Free Money for College by Dan Evertsz -

The cost of a college education is skyrocketing. Other than the purchase of your home, a college education will be a families largest expense in their lifetime. Is your family prepared to spend in excess of $100,000.00 for your kid's college...

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Maximizing Social Media Internships for Your Business by Sue Koch -

Of the infinite benefits of social media, another has been the introduction of new jobs and opportunity into the economy at a time when it is critically needed. The other side of this coin is that many people believe that because they spent years...

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Be a Master Communicator by Shari Goldsmith -

A couple years ago, I volunteered my time directing traffic in and out of the ATP Tennis Tournament. When the tournament ended, thousands of cars wanted to leave the massive parking lot at the very same time. An accident occurred on the road...

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You’ve Got Less Than 15 Seconds. Impress Me! How to Give the Perfect ‘Elevator’ Speech by Annetta Wilson -

How do you make your initial ’15 seconds of fame’ count? (Sorry Andy Warhol, the 15-minute window has compressed).

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