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3 Secrets to Selling to Women

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What You Will Learn:
  • The #1 Way Almost All Women Prefer to Buy.
  • How “thinking Pink” will kill your sales, while “thinking Link” will skyrocket them!
  • How to dump the “hard sell” and implement a “heart sell” that will have her throwing her dollars at you!
  • How to CAPATILIZE on a woman’s natural ‘urge to merge’
  • Key Differences in Effectively Communicating to Women… (as opposed to Men)
Whether it’s Aspirin or Automobiles, “Women directly buy or directly influence the purchase of 80% of all consumer goods in North America. Not having a specific plan in place to reach this powerful, purse-carrying demographic is a mistake that could literally cost you your business! Callan is the CEO of highly successful Leader to Luminary Training, a company specializing in helping women in business achieve massive success!
Callan Rush
The first female to lead from the stage for the largest personal development company in the world, Callan Rush is now the CEO and founder of highly successful, Leader to Luminary Training Inc. A top-notch trainer with over 15 years of success in the speaking, training and educational seminar industry, Callan has mastered the Secrets to creating a life-changing, lucrative live event business. Callan is an expert in sales & marketing, and a genius in program design and facilitation, Callan delights her audiences with her unique blend of humor and wisdom, honesty and openness, and complete generosity of self and spirit.